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It’s Labor Day Weekend! 5 Tips to Catering Parties.

By September 1, 2017Catering Events


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Happy Labor Day!

Catering is never an easy business for anyone, especially during Labor Day Weekend.  All of the moving of food and making sure that it’s safe to eat, all the serving equipment needs to be clean, drinks for the guests….this all has to be taken into consideration for when planning a party.  The question is, do you want to do it yourself?  Or would you like to hire a caterer to handle it for you?

5 Things to Consider

5 things to take into consideration when looking at having a catered party:

  1. Temperature – The very first thing that you want to look at when moving food from one location to another is the possibility to have spoiled food due to high temperatures.
  2. Avoid what are called danger foods – potato salad with mayonnaise, fish, shellfish, hard boiled eggs at room temperature…
  3. Bugs – How are you going to keep the bugs away from your guests food?
  4. Ice – This is an essential item for outdoor catering events in order to keep the prepared food fresh and tasty.
  5. Keep the guests cool – When it is hot make sure to keep coolers for everyone, including the servers. Also keep fresh fruit around like watermelon, grapes and oranges.  This can help keep everyone hydrated also, besides of drinks alone.

Ways to Combat the Issues

A way to combat all this if you want to have a catered party but don’t want to have any issues is to hire a catering company.  They will take care of all the above issues so that you don’t have to worry about it.  This in turn allows you to relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.  Who wants to be stressed out during a party, worrying about everything instead of enjoying time with everyone?  Casetta Catering can take care of all of these issues so you don’t have to worry about anything.  It’ll make the party so much more fun!



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