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Chef Francesco Casetta of Casetta Catering is Italian born from the city of Florence, in Tuscany….

Casettta Catering is influenced by Florence, which is famous for it’s Renaissance architecture, art, fashion, music, and scenic views of the Tuscan hillside.  In addition, passion flows in this region, where the olive trees and grapevines are ready for harvest.  Above all, Chef Francesco desires to take his cuisine to a level filled with delicate flavors and skillful presentation.

He creates tantalizing dishes for many dignitaries and celebrities to include…

Sting, Carlo Santana, and Bruce Springsteen.

Francesco Casetta is formally of Italy’s Del’Pescatore Restaurant with three Michelin fame as well as Florence’s L’Incontro at Hotel Savoy. Consequently, he continued his culinary career here in the United States at the Four Seasons Hotel Resort in Palm Beach and the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.  He is also a former Executive Chef with the highly revered Tony’s restaurant in Houston, Texas.

In 2012, Chef Francesco Casetta founded Casetta Catering…

He is the Chef/Owner along with his wife Rebekah in Houston, Texas.  He always creates custom dishes that appeals to all his customers.  As a result, this produces joyful experiences for his clients and their guests that lasts for years.

Casetta Catering customizes in Italian style hospitality service…

  For example, he specializes in taste and makes the food appealing to the eye.  For instance, he strives for excellence subsequently creating feelings of warmth for all who share the experience.  Furthermore, like in Italy, Chef Francesco builds inspired seasonal menus.  Most importantly, it brings unforgettable taste and food style to your event.  Above all, he believes in using only the best ingredients.  Casetta Catering focuses on providing high quality service; a range of buffets, multi-course wine paired dinners, to hors d’oeuvres parties.

Chef Francesco also completes research on traditional recipes…

with a creative experimental approach.  This modern technique of preparation produces a world-class result.

Houston Modern Luxury Magazine says…

“Casetta is easily one of America’s great chefs combining his talents with the already established culinary excellence of Tony’s”.

In addition to our catering events…

Chef Francesco represents prestigious culinary kitchen brands for corporate agencies.

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