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The Chef Francesco Challenge! Can he cook authentically?

The Chef Francesco Challenge is where you challenge Chef Francesco to make a favorite meal from a location where you have visited recently.  Can he make it like the locals did where you visited?


When he gets your story and the meal that you loved, he will cook a meal that you specify from where you have traveled to while you’ll see if he gets the taste and flavors correct or not.

Have you been to Morocco, Italy, Greece?  Do you want a taste of the Mediterranean again? Or how about Great Britain, Germany, France or Poland?  How would you like to taste an authentic European meal again?  Or just somewhere Stateside…it is all up to you as to what meal you challenge him to make.  Finally, he is extremely happy to accept the challenge and see how you react to his meals.

Would you like to accept his challenge?  How would you like to eat a meal like this again, except at home instead of abroad?  Wouldn’t it be really exciting to see if Chef Francesco Casetta brings it to the level that you experienced when on holiday?

Good luck!

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