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When deciding to eat more healthy, it isn’t just an idea that is spur of the moment.  It is something that takes special consideration.  In this when someone decides to live a healthier lifestyle, many choose to switch to organic instead of regular store-bought.  There are numerous reasons that the switch is made.

 The problem with food production today is that the soil and chemicals used completely leech out all the much needed nutrients that we need to survive.  So we eat the food and don’t get much out of it, along with possible chronic conditions that can be caused by the chemicals used to grow and “protect” the food.  We are more prone to disease due to eating processed foods, with all the additives and chemicals that are put in to make the food more tasty.  By eating organic where everything is supported and grown on healthy soil, it really helps to improve physical and mental health.  Most people choose to eat organic to help build up their immunity, increase their strength, and over time if they stay on it could help their bodies to recover from chronic conditions.

Organic is more mainstream now than it used to be.  It includes everything from fruits and vegetables to meat. But still, the best place to get organic food is by supporting the local community and going to the farmer’s markets.  We at Casetta Catering believe in supporting our local market and believe in the healthy lifestyle.  All of our food that we buy is organic and we wish to share the lifestyle with everyone!

Happy eating everybody!


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