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Cooking with FranciscoHealthy Foods
June 14, 2017

What Are Benefits of Taking Private Cooking Classes?

Private cooking classes are so much fun!  Who wouldn’t want to learn how to cook like a personal chef in Houston, TX?  Being taught some of the secrets by our…
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Healthy Foods
January 18, 2017

Why Should You Eat Organic?

When deciding to eat more healthy, it isn't just an idea that is spur of the moment.  It is something that takes special consideration.  In this when someone decides to…
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Healthy Foods
January 10, 2017

Organic Food Farms Good for Local Communities

Believe it or not but community agriculture could be where the jobs are in the future, and provide great organic food.  This will in turn create more opportunities for more…
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Healthy Foods
January 5, 2017

6 Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Are you concerned about your health and your family's health due to all the chemicals existing in the food you eat every day?  So are we at Casetta Catering.  So…
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Healthy FoodsUncategorized
January 3, 2017

Switch Over to a Healthier Life! Go Organic!

Organic Food Food Fresh Healthy Nutritious Organic We at Casetta Catering don’t consider organic food to be a trend.  To us it is considered a way of life.  It’s very…
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