Food Prepared, Weekly by Francesco Casetta

Our personal chef service – which can include breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and/or dessert – simplifies your life, saves you time and allows you to enjoy delicious, healthy meals again…despite busy schedules and/or special dietary needs. We deliver your customized food in food-safe containers and deliver to your door. All you have to do is pop the food in the oven and it’s ready to enjoy!

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How it Works

1. Fill Our Form, Letting us Know What You Like

2. We Craft Your Custom Menus

3. Your Meals Get Delivered To You

For those who are…

  • Pressed for time?
  • Tired of eating out?
  • Want to know what’s in your food?
  • Want to spend more time with your family?
  • Struggling to cook for a special-needs diet?
  • Sick of wasting food that you buy but then don’t cook?

Who Uses Our Prepared Meal Delivery?

  • Busy professionals
  • Families with active lives
  • People who don’t like to cook
  • Seniors and their children worried about them
  • New moms
  • Those undergoing surgery/medical recovery
  • Those facing special dietary needs in their household due to disease, allergies, food sensitivities and other dietary/medical restrictions
  • Anyone who wants to eat healthier
  • Those who want to give a friend or loved on a special gift (gift certificates are available)

Casetta Culinary Services specializes in customizing meals for clients and strives to create delicious, healthy, customized meals that are made with the finest, freshest ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

Chef Francesco Casetta has extensive experience working in various prestigious restaurants around the world which allow’s him to create healthy, delicious meals that clients rave about.

The Busy Professional


  • 3 Entrees
  • 2 servings with One Side
    Additional sides available
  • Feeds a Single Person for a Week, or Two People for 3 Days
  • 6 meals
  • Plus the Cost of Groceries
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The Hectic Family


  • 3 entrees
  • 4 servings with One Side
    Additional sides available
  • Feeds a Family of Four for 3 Days, or Two People for a Week
  • 12 meals
  • Plus the Cost of Groceries
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The Power Couple


  • 7 entrees
  • 2 servings with one side
    Additional sides available
  • Feeds 2 People for a Week, or a Single Person for 2 Weeks
  • 14 meals
  • Plus the Cost of Groceries
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Our packages start at $185 plus the cost of groceries. Price includes chef fee, preparation, packaging and BPA-free containers. The prices may change depending upon customization of meals. We can prepare breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and desserts. Delivery charges may apply, depending on location.

Order a Custom Package

Want to purchase a Casetta Gift Certificate?

Casetta Gift Certificates

What’s the perfect way to tell someone that you care about them? Giving them a Casetta Gift Certificate! It’s a unique gift for loved ones and friends. They can be used for our customized personal chef service, artisan menu service, boutique catering or food intolerance testing.

All meals include one entree and one side. All gift certificates will be sent via email and you’ll be able to personalize them and easily print them out!

To purchase, give us a call or contact us here.