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Why Go With a Personal Chef?

Personal chefs like Chef Francesco provide great tasting, healthy meals which are delivered directly to your home.
You don’t have to do any shopping or cooking, just fill out a food questionnaire.  This will help the Personal Chef to decide on what to buy and cook for you.
In this it includes customized menu planning so that Chef Francesco can learn what exactly you need or prefer.  It helps him to create personalized meals just for you and your family.  The grocery shopping  is completed by him as he will buy and create delicious organic food dishes just for you.  He prepares them and then delivers the finished dishes to your home.  The dishes are packaged so that they will be able to be stored in your refrigerator and freezer for when you would like to eat them.  Then when you as the customer can pull them out and heat up whichever meal you would like, then order more when you are running low.
Chef Francesco prepares meals for one week at a time and offers a Private Chef Experience for those who would prefer that method instead.  Sounds like something to try!



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